William ("Bill") Harris

Executive Secretary

Engineering, Program and Project Management



  • BS in Electronics Engineering (University of California at Berkeley, 1970)

  • Completion of MS Coursework in Materials Science (University of California at Berkeley, 1973)

Professional Experiences:

  • Project Manager, network of renowned scientists and technologists.

  • Publishing Editor for two nationally distributed technical publications (1987 – 1993).

  • Processed Engineered the manufacturing of specialized computer chips for Fairfield Semiconductor Corp. and National Semiconductor Corp. for 19+ years.

  • Performed as a Process Engineer in micro-machining technology for Silicon Microstructures Corp. (15+ years).


  • Co-founder of the African Scientific Institute (1967), a non-profit corporation.

  • Editor of SciTech Newspaper, with 25,000+ circulation in throughout the United States (1987 – 1993).

  • Editor of Technology Transfer, a magazine with circulation in throughout the United States (1981 –1984)