Research and Consulting

Our research and consulting services provide:

  • Clearinghouse of development projects within an area

  • Exploratory research and development through science and technology

  • Evaluation of ecological impacts of significant projects

  • Innovation by maintaining insight to new technologies and their role in the future

Research and consulting for profit and non-profit activities alike, ASI engages in research and consulting (RC) on a fee basis. Profit motivated RC results from responses to outside requests for ASI services, or ASI responds to ‘request proposals’ from others.

With our far reaching network of expertise in science and technology, ASI provides you with information to compete in today’s global economies.

We provide Research and Consulting in areas of:

  • Innovation

  • Food Production

  • Potable Water Delivery and Wastewater Treatment

  • Energy Management

We develop new technologies for energy supply, distribution, and consumption. We assist customers to achieve maximum practical energy conservation and to develop reliable, cost-effective alternate or renewable energy sources to replace petroleum and/or natural gas.

In all areas of endeavor, we assure customers of interfacing with laws & regulations among all Stakeholders.

  • Utilities Planning, Development, Operations and Management

  • Water Management and Conservation

  • Environmental Science

We offer our customers professional assistance in complying with environmental laws and regulations. Our objective is simple: “we want to help you solve your environmental cleanup, compliance,and pollution prevention problems”.

Program and Project Management Execution, Domestic and International. In this area, ASI provides:

  • Project Leadership and Management

  • Scheduling For Effective Execution

  • Cost Control

  • Intra- and Inter- Culture Management

  • Team Integration

  • Healthcare Delivery

  • Partnership Development

  • Planning

  • Housing Transportation Education Economic Development